Mastering Studio Rx


Mastering Studio Rx is FREE to download and try. Only pay for a license when you’re ready to export your mastered tracks. Click the download links below to get started.

Latest Version: 1.0.1

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Mastering Studio Rx is a modern audio toolbox featuring a complete set of mastering tools that have been designed to work together. It was made for people who like to turn the knobs and push the buttons—and those who want to learn how. Everything is in sight and in reach. Unleash your sound with absolute control. Mastering can be complicated, but the tools don’t have to be.

Quickly toggle between memories to explore and understand the impact of your parameter choices on the sound of the final track. Measure the integrated loudness (LUFS) and max true peak level (dBTP) of your mastered track as you go. Leave the DAW behind and give your music the polish it needs before distribution. This is professional grade, made better.

The full set of features includes:

  • Powerful multiband dynamics/ compressor
    • Compression modes (low, medium or high)
    • Attack modes (tight, default or transparent)
    • Release modes (fast, default or slow)
  • Transparent dual mode/ true peak limiter
    • Soft limiter threshold (dBFS)
    • Hard limit (dBTP)
    • Release modes [15]
    • Choose soft, hard or soft + hard limiting
  • Deep sub-bass enhancer
    • Sub-bass boost (dB)
    • Adjustable target frequency (Hz)
  • Flexible 4 band graphic equalizer
    • Bass, Mid, High & Air gain (dB)
    • Adjustable crossover frequencies (Hz)
  • Spatial stereo enhancer
    • Widen or narrow stereo width
  • Surgical parametric equalizers [2]
    • Gain (dB)
    • Center frequency (Hz)
    • Filter width (Q)
  • Highpass filter
    • Configurable cutoff frequency (Hz)
  • Precise metering and track analysis
    • Integrated loudness analyzer (LUFS)
    • Realtime short-term loudness display (S-LUFS)
    • Maximum true peak levels (dBTP)
  • Quickly toggle between 6 different user memories
    • copy/ paste parameters
    • load/ save your parameter sets
  • Export tracks as lossless WAV, AIFF or FLAC
    • Up to 32 bits per sample
    • Up to 192 kHz

Download a full version of the software above (with track export disabled) to experience the difference before purchasing a license.