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Mastering Studio Rx

Mastering Studio Rx is a modern audio toolbox featuring an intuitive set of controls that have been designed to work together. It was made for people who like to turn the knobs and push the buttons—and those who want to learn how. Everything is in sight and in reach. Unleash your sound with absolute control. Mastering can be hard, but the tools don't have to be.

LUFS and True Peak
Standalone Application
Up to 32 bits/192 kHz
Intuitive Controls
Building Better Audio Tools

We’re obsessed with building better audio technology. Substantial time is invested in the development of our products because we love doing it. Conventional business models take a back seat. Audio quality and customer experience are everything.

Empowering Music Makers

We believe in building powerful audio plugins and software that are accessible to everyone. Professional grade shouldn’t mean too complex, or too expensive. We’re leading the charge when it comes to the democratization of audio technology—something long overdue.

Proudly Made In Canada

All of our audio software and plugins are designed and developed in Canada. We are proud to bring class-leading audio tools to life that serve music makers around the world the only way we know how—with passion, precision and the success of our customers in mind.

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Professional Grade
Made Better.

Our instant online audio mastering service has mastered more than 1,000,000 tracks since launching in 2016. Today, we're focused on expanding our offerings by building a comprehensive portfolio of affordable, easy to use, professional grade audio software & plugins that empower everyone.