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The MajorDecibel Limiter Plugin is FREE to download and try. Click the download links below to get started.

Latest Version: 1.0.2

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We believe we’ve designed the best true peak limiter on the planet featuring a minimalist interface and integrated loudness/true peak meter. Simply set the True Peak Max knob to the maximum true peak level you wish to set, adjust the gain knob until you achieve your desired loudness as measured by the LUFS meter(s), then tweak the release knob to taste.

This true peak limiter uses a proprietary blend of oversampling, lookahead, and hold functionality to achieve a very transparent sound while managing the true peak levels of your mix. It wasn’t easy, but we did it, and we’re putting it out there at a price anyone can afford. Try it for FREE and experience the difference—anyone can use this limiter. The full set of features includes:

  • True peak max knob (dBTP)
  • Master gain adjustment applied before limiting
  • Release knob
  • Integrated loudness (LUFS) meter featuring:
    • Max true peak level (dBTP)
    • Short Term loudness (S-LUFS)
    • Integrated Loudness (LUFS)
    • Max gain reduction (dB)
    • Time since last reset and Reset Meter button
    • Meter auto-resets on any Limiter parameter change


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